Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bottle Top Games for the Classroom!

I love to have activities for centers that are simple to set up, simple to make and of course educational! I started collecting bottle tops from water, soda, juice, milk...pretty much anything that had a top! I have become bottle top crazy actually, I look everywhere for bottle tops and have even gone through the recycle bin at my grandparents house for these tops! I have my family and my boyfriends family now all collecting them for me too! I have found a convenient way to store the tops while I'm waiting to get enough to create the game. Once I get a top I wash it and then place it in the baggy on the fridge! 
Once I get about 60-65 tops I create the game! I use the stickers that are used at yard sales to write the questions on. The question is on the on the top of the cap and the answer is on the inside of the cap. I use the three different colors as different point levels. The green are 1 point, yellow 2 points and pink 3 points. I like doing this because my students are older and love to be competitive. This game also allows the students to select questions that they want to solve, they can choose "easier" ones if they are still struggling with the skill or they can choose more "challenging" ones for the higher points. Either way the students should have fun and feel confident while playing and learning! 
This set of bottle top games are multi-digit multiplication. I created another one that is in a different pencil box that was basic multiplication. I am collecting more tops right now to create division questions. Eventually I'd like to have some for simplifying fractions, adding fractions...the possibilities are endless and it is so easy and CHEAP to make!!! I hold the tops in pencils boxes from Target, they are only 99 cents, I store them in my classroom for easy access!!! 

Directions to play!
Students will take out all the tops and spread them out top side up!
Taking turns, a student will pick a top that they would like to solve, if they get it correct they keep the top and write down the points earned from the top.
If a student gets the question wrong they have to put the top back.
At the end of center time, the students add up their points and find the winner!

You can either have the students check each others work to make sure the person got their question right, or you could have the center leader in charge of a calculator to check their answer. 

Hope you get some good ideas from this and are able to make it work in your classroom!! It really is so easy and fun AND a money saver!