Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I Love Task Cards!

I LOVE Task Cards! I use them in my centers all the time to either practice skills or review skills! They are wonderful to have on hand for students that finish work early and need extra practice, or for tutoring! I will even put them under my projector and solve them as a class on teams and make a game using them! They are just WONDERFUL and my students LOVE them too!

I finally finished a set of task cards I've been working on for Operations and Algebraic Thinking (4.OA.1-4.OA.5)! During my summer off I'm making items for my students to use in the classroom and I'm adding them to my Teachers Pay Teachers Store to share with others too! I teach 4th grade math so these task cards are obviously for 4th grade! I hope to to make a set of 20 task cards to go with each strand in math! I would love to eventually make some for each strand for other grades. Since I'm just getting started with my TpT store and blogging, I'm going to work on 4th grade first, might be a while before I get to the other grades! Here is what I've made so far! Click on the pictures to share on Pinterest and check them out at my store! I printed all 100 task cards out and had my boyfriend help me cut them, glue them on card stock and and laminate them! They are BEAUTIFUL! I can't WAIT to use them through out the year!

Here are 20 task cards for each strand 4.OA.1 to 4.OA.5! I created a worksheet version with the same questions as the task cards so you can choose how you want the students to review this skill. Included in this product are answer keys and a recording sheet for the students task cards. Also in this document are black and white copies for those that like to save their ink!

4.OA.1- Write multiplication equations and create multiplication word problems.

4.OA.2.- Multiply & divide word problems to solve for the unknown

4.OA.3.- Solve multi-step word problems that involve adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. 

4.OA.4- Identify the numbers 1-100 as prime or composite and list all factors

4.OA.5- Generate number and shape patterns, state the rule and find relationships among numbers.

Or purchase ALL 5 sets above in one set!!! Buy 3 get 2 FREE!!! It has 100 task cards, worksheets, recording sheets and answer keys! And yes, the black and white pages too!