Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Like my Facebook Page to WIN!!!

I'm trying to share my items and ideas with more people so I want to try to do a give away! If you click on the "fb" icon on my blog page it will take to you to my facebook page! Like the page and then like the post that gives away the 4.NBT.4 Subtracting activity! It is Halloween themed! There are 8 headstones with the date of birth and death of a famous person in history. There is a blurb of information about that famous person too! The students are to take the years of the persons birth and death and subtract them to find out how how they were when they died!

My students LOVED this activity! Hope yours do too! If you don't end up winning this activity then you can get it from my Teacher Pay Teacher store!!!

I will pick a winner next week!!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Best Surprise EVER!

I dropped my students off at lunch on Friday and came quickly back to my room to get my lunch. I had left over pizza and was super excited about it! haha normally I just have yogurt and vegetables for lunch! Well when I walked to my door I saw a figure in the dark in my room. I walked in and turned the light on and there was my boy friend standing in my reading area! I said "What are you doing here!!!" He said, "I have a question to ask you" his chin starting quivering, he got down on one knee and said, "I love you so much, and I want to be your husband, Tess, will you marry me?"

I got down and hugged him around the neck and just cried and cried and kept saying, "I can't believe you just did that!" While hugging him I did say YES! He took my hand and put on the most beautiful ring! It is so shiny and just perfect! He picked it out all by himself and did an AMAZING job! I couldn't  have picked out anything better. He knows me so well!

I went out in the hallway and was just squealing with excitement! The teachers in the hallway and my team members were so happy for me! They couldn't believe he came to the school and didn't tell anyone what he was about to do! Word traveled through the school QUICK! teachers were coming to the door to see us, my principal and assistant principal came down to my room to congratulate us. Students in the hallway spread the news to all the kids in the cafeteria! By the time I picked up my students they were filled with excitement and wanted to see my ring and meet James! My students were so happy for me! James stayed for about an hour (my students had specials after lunch) and we called my family and told them our exciting news! James finally had to leave to go back to work but not until I had him take a multiplication timed test with my students!

The students were super hyper after James left! I finished teaching my lesson for the day and let them watch a Magic School Bus video for the last 30min of school! While the students were packing up they all starting singing, "Happy Marriage to you..." (The birthday song tune) They are the sweetest!!!
A little background on James and I! We met when we were 16 in biology class. We remained friends through high school. We went out a couple times but nothing too serious. I adored him in high school by the way!! We both went to different colleges across the state from one another and we both dated other people while in college. He would come to my college and visit friends and every time he came my heart would just skip a beat...still just crazy about him. My last semester of college I became single after a 3 year relationship. James was also single and told me that he has always been crazy about me all these years since high school! I told him I have always felt the same and we have been together ever since! 3 of the 4 years of our relationship were long distance and it was very hard at times, but we made it work! He is my best friend and the love of my life! We are so lucky to have one another! I can't wait to see what is next as we enter this next chapter in our lives!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

4.NBT Task Cards!

I've made another set of task cards for all of the 4.NBT strands!!! You can get them from my Teacher Pay Teacher store. Each set has 20 task cards and a worksheet form of the task cards. They also have a 20 question assessment and a 10 question coloring page all for just $3! Below you can find the links to each set of task cards! I also have put ALL of the task cards, worksheets, assessments and coloring pages into one bundle and is sold at a discount price of $9.... that is buy three get three FREE!!

4.NBT.1 Identify and Compare Place Value Task Cards, Worksheets, Assessments and Coloring page

4.NBT.2 Expanded/Word/Standard Form and Compare Numbers Task Cards, Worksheets, Assessment and Coloring Pages

4.NBT.3 Rounding Task Cards, Worksheet, Assessments and Coloring Page

4.NBT.4 Adding & Subtracting Task Cards, Worksheets, Assessment and Coloring Page

4.NBT.5 Multi-Digit Multiplication Task Cards, Worksheets, Assessments and Coloring Page

4.NBT.6 Division Task Cards, Worksheets, Assessments and Coloring Page

Bundle of ALL the NBT Task Cards, Worksheets, Assessments and Coloring Pages!  Buy 3 get 3 FREE!!

Talbert Lottery

I have not written in forever! I went on a couple trips this summer after I started my blog and when I came back in town it was time for school to start! As most of you teachers know, once school starts life just gets crazy and time flies! Can't believe it is already October! Well better late than never!

Here is something I've made during the summer and use as a reward system in my classroom and my students LOVE it! Here is how you make lottery tickets and what you'll need!

- Clear contact Paper
- Card Stock
- Glue
- 2 parts metallic silver paint (Could do any color, silver just looks more like a real lottery ticket)
- 1 part dish soap

Stir together 2 parts paint and 1 part soap! I used a table spoon of soap and 2 table spoons of paint! Use a paint brush or form brush to paint on the clear contact paper. (The foam brush works better I think, and covers more area than this little brush I used) I have learned the best way to do this is to paint a big piece of contact paper all at once and then cut it in to the sizes you need. You will need to do a few layers of paint on the contact paper. I have learned that if you add too much soap, it has a very hard time drying. It is normal for the the paint mixture to feel a little tacky when it is dry, but this batch I made was a bit too tacky and some of the paint peeled off when I stacked the cards on top of each other. Lesson learned!

Once you paint the contact paper a few times and it has dried, (let it dry about an hour) you can cut it in any way you want! I just cut mine in thin rectangle pieces to cover up the name of my prizes.
Peel off the paper on the contact paper and cover up the reward on your ticket! DONE! That simple! They are adorable and so fun for the kids! I do not give these out very often, these are a special reward! Also, every card is a winner, just some prizes are better than others! Here is a list of my class lottery rewards!

- Tablet time during AR
- Lunch with a friend
- Recess with a friend
- Movie during lunch with teacher and a friend
- Shoes off in the class
- Move desk for the day
- Sit at teachers desk for the day

Some how I did not take a picture of my final product! I'll take one at school and post it! Till then you can get the idea of what it would look like once the contact paper is on the lottery ticket! Hope you get some good ideas on how you could use this in your classroom!!