Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Talbert Lottery

I have not written in forever! I went on a couple trips this summer after I started my blog and when I came back in town it was time for school to start! As most of you teachers know, once school starts life just gets crazy and time flies! Can't believe it is already October! Well better late than never!

Here is something I've made during the summer and use as a reward system in my classroom and my students LOVE it! Here is how you make lottery tickets and what you'll need!

- Clear contact Paper
- Card Stock
- Glue
- 2 parts metallic silver paint (Could do any color, silver just looks more like a real lottery ticket)
- 1 part dish soap

Stir together 2 parts paint and 1 part soap! I used a table spoon of soap and 2 table spoons of paint! Use a paint brush or form brush to paint on the clear contact paper. (The foam brush works better I think, and covers more area than this little brush I used) I have learned the best way to do this is to paint a big piece of contact paper all at once and then cut it in to the sizes you need. You will need to do a few layers of paint on the contact paper. I have learned that if you add too much soap, it has a very hard time drying. It is normal for the the paint mixture to feel a little tacky when it is dry, but this batch I made was a bit too tacky and some of the paint peeled off when I stacked the cards on top of each other. Lesson learned!

Once you paint the contact paper a few times and it has dried, (let it dry about an hour) you can cut it in any way you want! I just cut mine in thin rectangle pieces to cover up the name of my prizes.
Peel off the paper on the contact paper and cover up the reward on your ticket! DONE! That simple! They are adorable and so fun for the kids! I do not give these out very often, these are a special reward! Also, every card is a winner, just some prizes are better than others! Here is a list of my class lottery rewards!

- Tablet time during AR
- Lunch with a friend
- Recess with a friend
- Movie during lunch with teacher and a friend
- Shoes off in the class
- Move desk for the day
- Sit at teachers desk for the day

Some how I did not take a picture of my final product! I'll take one at school and post it! Till then you can get the idea of what it would look like once the contact paper is on the lottery ticket! Hope you get some good ideas on how you could use this in your classroom!!