Sunday, November 23, 2014

Math Balloon Pop!

So I saw something like this on line and had to try it! I am trying to think of fun ways to practice double digit multiplication with my 4th graders and this activity was PERFECT!!!

I wrote answers to double digit questions on balloons and hung them up all over the classroom. I did it while my class was gone and when they came back from specials they were so excited just because of the balloons! I set out strict rules on behavior while playing this game, which I highly suggest because the kids...being get pretty excited! 

I had the students work in their table teams which is their center groups. I put a question on the projector and as a team they had to solve the problem. For example group one had the problem first and I only gave them one minute to solve the problem. They had to work together and agree on an answer, I made it very clear that they had to be a team and agree before they told me the answer. If they got the question correct TWO members from that group got up from their seats to find the balloon with that answer. Who ever found it first could pop the balloon by themselves or they could decide to pop it together somehow. It was SO COOL to see the children working together, getting along being in charge of their teams, work and feelings. After the team popped the balloon the next question went to group number 2 and they followed the same directions.

If the team got the question wrong or did not answer in the one minute time limit the same question would go to the next team and they would have a chance to answer the question. I can tell you that I had EVERY student working and solving the questions because they wanted to be ready just incase the team before them got the question wrong! It was AMAZING to see! And I am telling you I have never seen my entire class working as a team so well before! It is amazing what a few balloons can do!

My students came up with fun creative ways to pop the balloons which was so funny! Some just jumped on them, some sat on them, some squeezed them with their partner.

Just remember to set up clear rules and expectations for behavior, remind them that they are allowed to laugh and  have a great time but they also need to show self control too! It is a blast, give it a try! And it can be done with so many other lessons! Not just math!! The options are endless!!!