Friday, December 5, 2014

Holidays In the Classroom

I created this activity on TpT for Thanksgiving and Christmas and my students and I LOVE them! The Thanksgiving dinner activity lets the students create their own thanksgiving dinner where they invite anyone they want. I let my students walk around the room and "invite" people to their dinner and ask them what they want to eat off of the Thanksgiving menu. They record what they want to eat and how much each item is. They then have to calculate how much they spent on all of the food total...but they have to stay under a $75 budget!

The students LOVED walking around and calculating how much each persons total cost was! I let my students use a calculator, it was great practice! I found that many of my 4th graders had no idea that they had to type in the decimal point when adding with the calculator! They kept asking me if they had to type the dot in! So this lesson allowed me to teach a quick and very important mini lesson about decimal points!

The Santa's Christmas Budget is just like the Thanksgiving dinner activity but the children are to pick out gifts that they want! I again let my students walk around and let them ask their friends what they want for christmas! This time they are to stay under $650 per person and spend no more than $4,000 total.  I also created a paper that looks exactly the same as the Christmas Santa list but says donation list for those children that do not celebrate Christmas but still want to participate in the activity! I know the child I had that didn't celebrate was very happy that she was still able to join in the fun when I showed her the alternative paper!

Both the Thanksgiving and Christmas activity comes with multi-step word problems for the students to solve!

I hope that you find a use for them, they really are great to use the week before holiday breaks!! Fun and educational!

Happy Holidays!!!