Friday, March 13, 2015

Math Journal

I created something that I LOVE!!!

At the beginning of the year I buy composition notebooks and have my dad saw them in half so they are mini notebooks. My students LOVE them because they are cute and little! So every year I always want to have a math journal my students write in, I'm just never consistent with it! Well...I created 5 journal prompts for every 4th grade Common Core math standard!  It took a while to make and is 164 pages but man is it worth it!

I have 10 of the same prompts on each page, this save me on copies. I copied them on colored paper so they stood out more and I thought is more fun than just white paper. I usually have 15-20 minutes at the end of the day for the kids to work on independent work. So I take this time for the students to respond to the prompt I give them! They glue the prompt in their journal, date the page and then respond. All of the prompts require either the students to explain their thinking, show their work, explain steps they used to solve the problem and how they knew they needed those steps or to  draw out models to represent their answers.

My students LOVED them and did a great job too!! The journal writing does not take long, which is great for those reviewing times, independent times or checking for understanding times!

I REALLY hope other teachers check these out and let me know how they like them!!!