Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Closing of my Classroom!

Wow has time flown! I can't believe my last entry was in April!....well actually I can because EOG's were right around the corner and boy do those last two months of school go by quick. The end of the school year goes quick but it comes with a TON of work and stress! I think I came home every day for the last three weeks of school and went straight to bed. ( I don't have any kids so I can do that! :) ).

Although I gladly welcomed my summer break, it was sad to leave my students. They were probably one of my sweetest groups of students I've had in my 4 years of teaching. They were hard workers too and eager to learn, I will truly miss them. I thought I'd put a couple pictures up on here that I took towards the end of the school year but never made it to the blog! I've also been wanting to add some new teacher pay teacher stuff on here and in my store but I've been so busy so far this summer. I am getting married in 8 days!!! So I've done little work on TpT compared to last summer! I'm trying to get back on track since I know some followers have asked for more bundles of my task cards! I'm working on them I promise!!! :)

Ok so this picture is when my students and I were going over comparing and ordering decimals. This is after a week of working on this skill. I had the students write a number with a decimal in it...any number they wanted. They were not allowed to show their neighbors. (Kids love hiding things from their peers!). Then I had them stand up and order themselves from least to greatest. First I had them order themselves as a table group...then as a whole class. The trick though is to let them put themselves in order as a class without helping them, which is hard for me! You can really tell which kids have a total understanding decimals and which need more help. After the students completed this task, I checked their work. THEN I had them trade papers with people. The next task they did was to get in order again...but WITHOUT TALKING to one another! Wow is this hard for some students but super fun and such a great team building exercise! 

 On the last day of school! My classroom is all packed up, desks are moved and carpet is ready to be cleaned! I'm already in the "nesting" mood to get back in there and start cleaning and putting things together for my next batch of kids! I actually went back to school couple weeks later and moved my desks back down! Once the wedding is over it is full blown nesting and coming up with new ideas and procedures for the 2015-2016 school year!!

I had an arm FULL of stuff to take home but managed to get this last picture before I closed my door and locked it! I made sure to get my "Ms. Talbert" sign since it will no longer be used when I get back to school in August! 
 I even put up the calendar already for August! I do it every year on the last day of school! A little tradition of mine!
Oh desk. I hardly ever sit there except to do attendance and check e-mail, other than that I'm on my feet all day running around the room! So my desk drawers get neglected a bit towards the end of the year. I have my desk super clean and organized when school first starts and I promise myself it will stay that way. But that promise is usually broken mid way through the year! HA! So I went ahead and cleaned out my desk and have it organized and ready to go in August...maybe this year I'll hold up my "New Years" resolution. :)
 A sweet student of mine last year gave me this sign with "Ms. Talbert" written on it. My team teacher across the hall has the same style so I didn't want to get a new one! So since I won't be Ms. Talbert anymore...I flipped it over and created it again with my new last name! The writing is not as pretty...but it will do! :) I love it! Right now my new last name sounds funny to me...but I'm sure I'll get used to it once a classroom full of children start calling me by it!
So as you know (if you've read my past entries) I was proposed to in my classroom in October. After James proposed we hung out for a while in my classroom, (My kids were in specials). I was so busy talking to co-workers and texting my family I did not notice that James wrote this sweet note to me and left it in my desk. I found it a couple days later and stuck it to my filing cabinet...and it will stay there as long as I'm in that classroom. It reminds me how fun and exciting that day was! I am a lucky lady to be marring my best friend!

Well this will probably be my last post until after my wedding and honeymoon! I'll work on some TpT stuff and hopefully get it on here for y'all to look at and get some ideas from! Hope everyone has a wonderful summer! Enjoy every day of it and get some rest! We are going to need it!!

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