Sunday, October 11, 2015

Rapid and Slow Process that Change the Earth's Surface

I created this activity to help my kids understand how the surface of the earth can change. Last we discussed how the surface of the earth is rather young considering how old the earth is, and that is because the surface of the earth is always changing. We watched this ADORABLE youtube video on rapid processes. I highly recommend it for your class. I showed them picture of how rapid processes such as volcanos, earthquakes and landslides can cause the surface to change. We also had discussions on slow processes such as weathering and erosion. I showed them pictures and tried to explain the difference between the to. The main thing to remember is that weathering breaks the rocks and erosion carries the broken (weathered) rock away.

The activity I created has 12 different pictures, 6 showing rapid process and 6 showing slow process. I had my students cut out the pictures and sort them in the correct category. Then I had them cut the page in half and glue it in their science journal. I also created a worksheet where they had to tell me what caused the change in the picture.

I hope that you find this useful and that your students enjoy it! Mine really did and it really helped them grasp the lesson I'd been teaching all week! Check it out here on my TpT Store!!!!