Thursday, December 31, 2015

Fraction and Decimal Task Cards FINISHED!!

I finally finished!!!! I've been working on creating task cards, coloring sheets and worksheets for all of the 4.NF Common Core strands! It has taken me almost a year to finish the whole thing! I usually get a lot done during the summer time, but I hardly worked on my TpT store this past summer since I was getting married, went on a honeymoon and then was in a wedding...very busy summer! So when Christmas break started this week I work up the first 3 days at 6:30AM, when my husband got up, and started working on the task cards! I am proud to say after about a year of slowly working on it and 400 questions is complete! I am thrilled and very proud of it!!
Could be another reason it took so long to finish! My cat requires a lot of my attention!

Here is just one example of what some of the task cards look like. This is for 4.NF.6

I also make a worksheet version of ALL the task cards! This one is for 4.NF.3 c&d

I have the bundle of task cards (400 questions) for a discounted price right now in my TpT store for only $3!!! That is the regular price for just one set of task cards, worksheets and coloring sheet. I want to sell it for this low price as a thank you to all my followers who have been waiting for this bundle. I will eventually raise the price up, but I hope that people take advantage of the low price and review it and then WRITE a review for my TpT store!

Here is an example of another worksheet I make for EACH strand. These can be used as extra practice or an assessment for the strand. It is 20 questions! This one is for 4.NF.4a, b & c

Here is an example of the Coloring pages I make for EACH strand! This one is for 4.NF.5

Here is the worksheet that goes along with the coloring page. These are 10 questions each! I even put a small picture of the coloring page at the top of the question page so that if you ever print them out and mix them up by accident you know what question page goes with which coloring page!  This one is for 4.NF.7

Check it out here and preview it!

I use these task cards ALL the time in centers when teaching and reviewing these skills. I think they are great and hope you do too!

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