Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Hour of Code

Hour of Code is something our students have done for the past two years and the students love it! Our entire school participates and students of all ages can do it. Whether we like it or not, times are changing and technology is becoming more and more apart of our daily lives. Our students will have jobs using technology that is not even invented yet...that is an amazing thing to think about. How can we prepare them for the future and their future education and jobs when we do not even know what type of education and jobs will be needed in the next 10-15 years!? One thing we know we can do is introduce them to coding!
We have a group of teachers get together and make the schedule to get all the teachers and students in to the computer lab in a 2 week time period. We have responsible 5th graders go to the kindergarten and 1st grade sessions with the teacher so that they can walk around and help the students and teachers. We also allow 5th grade teachers go to other classrooms too to help if a teacher requests it! (It's usually the not so "techy" teachers and that is ok!!!) 

Everything we use on a daily basis, technology wise, requiers codes to create it and make it work. As of right now those jobs are booming and there are not a lot of people to fill those much needed jobs! Hour of Code is a way that students can learn about coding and even code their own video games! It is a way to inspire children to consider learning coding and hopefully join a job that needs them to code! Students love learning that some of their favorite games are created because of coding!

I am always amazed how some children pick this up like it is nothing! To me it is like a foreign language! I have a hard time even I use this hour to help as much as I can, but to also allow the students to help one another complete each round of coding! 

I encourage you to watch the 2 minute video on the home page of hour of code and discuss the importance of learning this new technology and take one hour out of your day just one time this school year and expose your child to this type of growing skill. 

Students do not need to log in, they just go to the site and press start and pick a game to practice with. There are videos they can watch to explain more why coding is important. I would recommend students bring head phones! You do not have to teach or explain anything, just let them click and explore! After the hour is up they can print a certificate! Students can also get on this site at home or anytime they have computer time to practice, play and learn!

The goal is to get 2 million students to code for one hour by December!!

Take a leap for your children, you will not regret it!!! 

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