Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Equivalent Fraction Hearts

Here is a quick activity I had my students do to practice equivalent fractions just in time for Valentines Day! I cut out 6 hearts for each student and on a sheet of paper I had each student write down any fractions they wanted. They then had to write an equivalent fraction to go along with their fraction, I made them draw a picture for at least one of their equivalent fractions. (You can see a picture of the picture one on the last picture.)

 Once they were done, I checked their work and then they were able to write the fractions on the hearts and cut the hearts in half! I gave each kid a baggie and they kept their puzzle pieces in them. As students finished they traded baggies and solved each others heart puzzles!

My students are keeping their puzzle pieces in their homework folder so they can practice them at home. I will probably end up stapling the baggie with the pieces in them in their math journal after our test this Friday for safe keeping!